The next chapter.

I’ve been through a lot of changes lately. I hope mostly for good. I have moved across the country and I’m trying to connect with my true self and realize who (and what) I really am. My Essential Self has eluded me and yet I have tasted of her cup. I have much more to offer myself if I can but grasp it. The internal blockages I feel at times overwhelm me. I love my children and would do anything for them; is it not as pertinent that I hold that standard for myself? I have felt misunderstood, but I am beginning to see that I won’t feel misunderstood if I accept and understand myself; I am the final authority on who I am. I am Me. I am Beauty. I am Power. I Am God.

As such, it is my responsibility to manage my emotions and my actions, setting a course that my children can emulate, harboring no shame. Life is all about learning…but we each learn differently. We should never scale ourselves against other individuals because each of us hold a different capacity; for learning, for knowledge, for abilities and talents. Don’t weigh yourself against the earth. Diversity is what brings balance: we are none of us square pieces. Equality, true equality, is an illusion. We have different needs and different offerings. Own your power. You are the only one who was built to play your role perfectly. nobody can replace you OR reject you. You are inherently you and nobody can take that away.

I am writing this for myself. One, because I get the feeling that not many will read it, and two, I need to remind myself what I am worth. I am the whole world! But since you are reading this, I am also writing it for you. You are wonderful. Truly magnificent! Look in that mirror again and say it – with conviction! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I sometimes send myself motivating texts to remind me that someone cares – it’s me. I always care about myself. I just need to remember to show her. It’s not vanity or narcissism. It’s true love and it’s nature. You have to love yourself if you ever want to love anything else.

Change is good. I try to see all things in a positive light. If I feel stuck in a rut, it means someone (probably me) has been here before. That can be comforting. As much as everyone likes the idea of being a pioneer, it’s nice to know you’re not alone sometimes. I should do this more. Writing I mean. What about though? I want to be fresh and interesting. I’ll be back…with a vengeance.

Count on it 😉

See you later, Beautiful! ❤


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