Strictly Spiritual

I’d like to dedicate this page to my personal spiritual experiences and preferences. I call myself a Witch, but it’s just a term. I don’t like to say I’m Wiccan, as that implies (in my mind) a slightly less flexible version of things. I don’t really adhere to any formal religious practices, I just do what I feel I ought. I use several divining tools, i.e. Tarot cards, Rune stones and Runes, and, the widely disputed and infamous Ouija board. I believe in things unseen and many levels of it. I have had far too much personal experience to deny the facts of what I’ve been taught by renowned beings. I am an advocate of Liht. I believe in Liht and Darkness, light and heavy, White and Black, and not so much right and wrong. I love my spirit guides, including my Soul Sister, whose name I’m not sure I’ll publish. Let’s call her Air and keep it easy.  I really do love my ouija board and would promote it to anyone who wanted to use it as a tool of divination and not as a toy. I’ve never really had any bad experiences with a board and I think it’s for multiple reasons. I never used a store bought one which I’m quite sure are a cesspool for poor quality energy, and I always took it seriously; I never thought I was playing a game. I have gotten more information through my board than any other mode of divination, as I’ve spent hundreds of hours in counsel with my guides. I’d like to write a lot about my personal experiences, but I want to feel like I’m reaching someone as well. I’ve only just started this blog and don’t really have any followers. Hopefully YOU feel inspired and choose to follow my blog. Thanks! =)


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