Tarot Cards

Hey all! So I just want to give a short little post here about my tarot ‘history’, if you will. The first deck I ever used was the faery wicca tarot, which has beautiful artwork and symbolism. It was a deck my husband and I shared, so I can’t say it was ‘my’ deck, exactly. I did get quite close with the deck, though, and gained a lot of insight into my life with these cards. I once was given a cheap beginners deck, I don’t even know what the name of the deck was, and I ended up giving it away to someone who was looking for pretty much just that. I got the Spiral Tarot deck from my husband one year, and I still haven’t given them their turn to get close with me. However, when I am ready, I feel that I will gain a lot from that deck. I got myself the Thoth Tarot at one point, shortly after I had read the Emerald Tablets, in fact, so I was kinda stoked about it. However, I didn’t get to close with that deck either. I have used the Animal Oracle Cards and found them to be quite lovely and detailed. On my 21st birthday, I had my first professional tarot reading and it was with the Mythical Goddess Tarot. I ended up Purchasing the deck afterwards and have had very great experience with it since. I find it very easy to connect with the feminine themes and I feel like the artwork is very beautiful and moving. Anywho, nothing too extensive here. Just a quick rundown. =)


One thought on “Tarot Cards

  1. Hi Kaleighdawne, I think the Crowely’s work of Tarot is best for you…if you need some info about my posts i can translate to you the post or pages your instinct choose for ya. Thx to follow me. Have a good weekend.

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